We are professional experts and we take great pride in offering the finest quality Los Angeles mobile veterinary services. This is a great solution for a number of pet owners who have to spend countless hours waiting at the vet office to have their pets attended to. With our mobile service, we will come to you when you need us and we will make sure that your pets are in perfect health. There is a great danger in having to drive with your pet to the animal hospital as there are other animals. This makes disease transmission is a serious threat and as a pet owner you will not be comfortable in such instances.

Los Angeles Mobile Vet

We are a full-service clinic and if you are looking for a mobile vet near me in LA, we are the right ones. Our vans are fully equipped with everything that you would expect to find in an animal clinic. As such, you do not need to be worried about the quality of the service. Our vets are highly trained and have the best experience in taking care of animals and we can handle simple tasks like grooming and diagnosis for your pets. Whether you want dog vaccines, pain relief for dogs, or even complicated services like spay and neuter, you can count on us.

We have an extensive range of pet care services to offer from the comfort of your home. Some of our main services include:

  • Consulting: This is one of the common services that we have to offer to our clients and you can consult us on any veterinary issue.
  • Vaccines: We have all vaccines that are needed for pets. Our difference is the fact that we will provide tailored vaccines to suit the needs of your pets.
  • Euthanasia and end of life care: We are here to provide you the comfort that you need when your pet is coming to the end of its life. On in-home euthanasia is the best way to take care of pets that are terminally ill.
  • Grooming and Wellness: Most pet owners do not have the time or experience to groom their pets and take care of their wellness needs. We are the best mobile clinic for such services.
  • Behavior Consultation: Once you have noticed a strange behavior in your pet, you should consult us so that we can decipher it for you.
  • Diagnostics: We are the best for animal testing and pet scans to determine anything that may be ailing your pet. Our services include physical examinations as well.
  • Surgical Procedures: We have all the equipment needed to convert your home into a surgery room and we can provide a number of procedures. Some of the services include spay, orthopedics, ophthalmic, spay, neuter, wound repair, and much more.
LA mobile vet

With our Los Angeles mobile veterinary services, you do not have to worry about transporting your pet to an animal hospital. Just give us a call and we will be happy to attend to the needs of your pet from your house.